How to Watch HBO Max in Ireland

Published: Feb 7, 2021

HBO Max is only available in the United States, which means you’re unable to get access to it by default from Ireland. But not to worry! With PureVPN, you can get a US IP address instantly and watch HBO Max from Ireland with ease. Here’s how.

Watch HBO Max in ireland

HBO is an old and very familiar name in the entertainment industry. A few years ago, HBO launched its own streaming services, following suit of industry leaders such as Netflix and Hulu. Initially, HBO offered three different streaming services to its users, called HBO, HBO GO, and HBO Max. As the months passed, confusion grew among HBO users about the difference of offerings between the three variants.

To make things simple, HBO has merged all of its offerings into one streaming service, which is now called HBO Max. With a library that contains 1,000+ titles, HBO Max has enticed users even from regions where the streaming service is not available.

“It’s HBO. Anywhere” – Not Really

HBO claims on its website that its streaming service is for everybody and is available everywhere. However, everyone knows that is not the case. HBO Max is a highly restricted and censored streaming service which is only available for access in the United States. If you live outside the US, you will be unable to access HBO Max, even if you have a premium streaming service.

HBO MAX in ireland

Location-Based Restrictions on HBO Max

HBO Max is a streaming service that is region restricted. This means that if you try to access it outside the region of its availability, which is the US, you will be unable to do so. HBO servers are easily capable of determining your location based on your IP address. If your IP address is based outside the US, HBO servers will block your access to service.

How to Get HBO Max in Ireland

To access HBO, one needs to be located in the US. From Ireland, every time you access HBO, your IP address will reveal your location to HBO, which will result in the same outcome, content unavailability. However, if you change your virtual location using any tool, you can spoof your location to a region of your preference.

For instance, you can choose a US based IP address to browse the internet. Once you have changed your IP address, your real location will get masked and replaced by a new location of your preference. In theory, a US based IP address can give you instant access to HBO Max from Ireland.

The easiest way to change your IP address is by connecting to a VPN. Most VPN providers allow you to choose your preferred location. For accessing HBO Max, connect to US servers. Once connected, you will be assigned an IP address that will be based in the US, meaning any site you connect to thereafter will think you’re located in the States. In short, follow the steps mentioned below:

Avoid Using Free VPNs – They Don’t Work!

There are many free VPN services available online that you can easily sign up for. However, free VPNs are very ineffective and are known to harm a user’s online privacy and security. It is a widely known fact that free VPNs collect users’ personal data which is then sold to advertisers and third-parties. This data is used against the users’ content to target them with online ads. In the past, there have been too many instances where a hacker used data sold by free VPN providers to victimize internet users.

HBO MAX in ireland

Even if a free VPN was safe, it would still be futile. Free VPNs provide users with a shared IP address, which is easily detected by HBO Max, instantly labelled as belonging to a VPN, and blocked from servers. This is because shared IP addresses of free VPN providers are used by hundreds of users at the same time. When HBO servers receive multiple requests from the same IP address simultaneously, it labels them as VPN-provided IP addresses and blocks them.

PureVPN – The Best VPN for Streaming HBO Max

PureVPN is the best VPN to use for streaming any content from Ireland. It provides you with complete online anonymity and enables you to mask your real IP address. This allows you to access any content which is not available in your region.

PureVPN is a highly optimized VPN for streamers. It has over 6,500 servers placed across the globe, allowing users to enjoy instant access and fast streaming speeds. When you connect to PureVPN, all of your online activities are cloaked, allowing you to evade regional limitations, ISP level restrictions, as well as cyber threats.

How to Get HBO Max in Ireland: Apple Devices

Any apps that you are able to install from the App Store are the ones available in your region. If you try to install HBO Max, you’ll face an error that notifies you about its regional unavailability.

HBO MAX in ireland

To resolve this issue, you need to create a new Apple ID and set your location as US. Once you have created the new Apple ID, log into your Apple ID on your Apple device and then visit the App Store. With the new Apple ID based in the US, installing HBO Max on your Apple device is as simple as installing any other app.

It is important to note that using an Apple ID that is based in the US allows you to only install the app. To stream anything on the HBO Max app from Ireland, you need to get a US-based IP address using a premium streaming VPN. Follow the instructions below to sign up for PureVPN and get HBO Max on your Apple device in Ireland.

  • Subscribe to the PureVPN app.
  • Get PureVPN for your streaming device
  • Launch the app, log in, connect to a US server
  • Launch HBO Max app and start streaming

How to Get HBO Max in Ireland: Android Devices

If you are in Ireland, getting HBO Max on your Android device is easier than getting it on an Apple device. Unlike the App Store that only allows you to install apps available in your region, you can install any app from the Google Play Store. Even if you are in Ireland, where HBO Max is not available, you can still install the app easily.

HBO MAX in ireland

To use the app, however, you need a premium streaming VPN. You can download the PureVPN app from the Google Play Store for free. Follow the instructions given below to watch your favorite content on HBO Max from Ireland.

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