How to Watch RTE Player Outside Ireland

RTE offers 2,000 hours of entertainment content, but it is accessible only in Ireland. Try out PureVPN today and access RTE from any country.

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Watch RTE Player Outside Ireland

RTE Player is a video-on-demand streaming service that provides content which has previously aired on RTE Television. But, this is just one part of it as the RTE Player has content which is exclusive to the player. However, since the service is only available to residents in the Republic of Ireland, not everyone can enjoy this brilliant service. Or can they? To watch RTE Player outside Ireland, simply follow these steps mentioned below:

signup to BT Sport vpn


and install PureVPN

connect to BT Sport with purevpn


to a US server location

access BT Sport with vpn

All Set

RTE is now accessible

Shows to Watch on RTE Player

Finding Joy with RTE Player

Finding Joy

Finding Joy is an Irish comedy TV show created by Amy Huberman, who also stars in the show as the main lead, Joy. The show follows her who, even after going through many obstacles in her life like her long-term boyfriend, leaving her, is happy with her life. But all of this changes when she lands a new job as a vlogger. After that, everything turns upside down.

Dancing with the Stars with RTE Player

Dancing with the Stars

Based on the extremely popular reality show series based in the UK, Dancing with the Stars is an Irish reality TV series in which celebrates are paired up with professional dancers, who work together and compete with other groups through choreographed dance routines. It’s interesting and entertaining.

Up for the Match with RTE Player

Up for the Match

Up for the Match is an Irish Gaelic games-themed variety show. It is hosted by Des Cahill and Gráinne Seoige and is the perfect show to kill time. Up for the Match is a mixture of music and chat with special guest appearances along with experts from the world of Gaelic games.

Is RTE Player Available Outside Ireland

RTE is a pretty popular channel in the Republic of Ireland, and RTE Player is its online video-on-demand service, which allows viewers to stream the same content along with some pretty exciting exclusive shows. However, since it’s an Irish service, it is only available for its residents.

BT Sport available countries
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Why Is an RTE Player VPN Important

There are so many reasons why one must have a good streaming RTE VPN. This is the only guaranteed and secure way to access the streaming service in a totally safe way.

People who are always on the move, traveling from one country to the other, catching up on their favorite TV shows, is quite tricky. This is mainly to the regional limitations and restrictions that come with the more popular streaming services, which includes RTE. So, if you are traveling from Ireland to any other country, you will not be able to stream your favorite content on the RTE Player. However, if you get your hands on an RTE VPN, you can access and watch anything you want on the RTE Player outside Ireland.

Living abroad, in an entirely unknown country, can be difficult for anyone. However, if you remove the ability to stream their favorite TV shows and movies, life can get a whole lot tougher. Plus, with your friends and family being so far away, watching shows and movies is the best way to get your mind off of home. So, for our Irish people who are living abroad who want to view their favorite RTE content, get a VPN today and access the RTE Player from abroad.

RTE is a channel popular only in the Republic of Ireland. However, with an incredible library of exclusive content available on the RTE Player, most people prefer to use the online streaming service for their viewing needs. This includes people who live outside of Ireland. However, like the channel, the online streaming service, along with its exclusive content, is also available to those living in Ireland. So, the only way to get your foreign hands on this list of exclusive shows is if you get yourself an RTE Player VPN.

Most people run away from the idea of installing and running a VPN connection. This is mainly due to the rumors which suggest that they limit and restrict your internet connection, making it run much slower. And well, in some cases, this is true as most free VPNs come with such restrictions. However, if you get yourself a premium VPN like PureVPN, which offers users features like split tunneling, you can pre-decide which websites to run under the protection of a VPN.

Apart from granting you access to any of the streaming services online, including RTE Player, a premium VPN offers you the ability to secure and safeguard your activities online. While this is something that only appeals to only privacy lovers, it is always good to protect yourself and your information online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of all of the most commonly asked questions about the RTE Player, and their answers:

Yes, you can. RTE Player is only available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

No. Since the RTE Player is only available in the Republic of Ireland, you cannot access it from anywhere else in the world unless you get yourself an RTE VPN service.

Most sports are available to watch live on the RTE Sports Player.

You can install the RTE player app from the Play Store and access the streaming service from there.