How To Speed Up Internet

We have tested 8 ways to speed up the internet. Before trying each option, start by repositioning your router. In the case that your ISP is throttling the bandwidth, you may want to hide your IP. To test it, you can get a PureVPN.

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Today, just about everything is done over the network or the Internet. As such, if you want a trouble-free experience using the Internet, or if you hope to be competitive in business, then you must have an excellent, stable, and secure high-speed Internet (HSI) service.

With a high-speed Internet, you get a better internet connection which is beneficial when communicating with clients from multiple corners of the globe. You can quickly share documents and collaborate in real-time using instant messaging and other targeted business programs. It also allows you to make better use of emerging technologies.

Furthermore, a high-speed Internet will enable you to lower costs by taking advantage of existing technologies. With this tutorial, you can learn some easy ways to speed up your so it runs like new again!

Change The DNS Server

When you run a request for a certain URL, your device would look up the addresses to direct you the stated website. The chosen DNS Server can affect the load time of a web page.

You can change the default DNS Server, which is most likely provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), on your device or the access point (router).

To change the DNS Server on Windows 10, follow the steps stated below:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Tap on Network and Internet
  • Select Network and Sharing Center
  • Select Change Adapter Settings
  • Go to the Properties window of the Network you want to change the DNS Server For.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Select Properties
  • Type in the IP address for your Preferred DNS server
  • Click on OK

Negotiate with Your ISP

If you experience a slow internet connection, the best thing to do is to test your speed. This is the speed at which your connection is operating without any interference from other software. Try and perform different speed tests at various times during the day and night.

If you notice a pattern, this could be a problem with ISP. Therefore you will need to call and talk to them. Note that one of the biggest issues that cause the speed of Internet connections to slow down is that Internet companies usually don't send the right connection speed to your location.


Responsive Route

Any interference can affect the Wi-Fi signal. Since interferences slow down the speed of the Internet, you should reduce the range of your Wi-Fi device. With the use of responsive routers, you will be able to enjoy the less utilized 5GHz frequency with ease.

These devices do not require an external modem to communicate over a cable line or DSL. With this device, you can boost your internet connection when the Internet is slow. Note that if your router is not secured correctly, other people may be using your bandwidth without you having a clue. Therefore, it is essential to secure your router if you want higher internet speed.


Use an Ad-block to Block Ads

There’s no doubt that ads are annoying, but they can bog down your browsing experience, especially if your internet connection is slow. Keep in mind that when these ads load, they fetch more data from various servers, and that requires a longer wait before the web loads. It is recommended that you cut down the amount of data sent to your computer by using ad-blockers.

By taking this smart move, you can improve your browsing speeds since ads usually are loaded before other content on the web page. Furthermore, it makes the Internet experience more bearable.

ad blocker

Stay within Data Caps

Several ISPs impose restrictions on the amount of data you can transfer online. Of course, this will depend on what you want to do online. For example, streaming one hour of TV will require a lot of data which could be more than 2 GB.

Whereas if you only want to send or receive an email, you may only use several megabytes. These service providers utilize throttling on your Internet to discourage unnecessary usage and tax their bandwidth. Your best solution, if your need is to consume more bandwidth, is to use a VPN.

You can either be throttled or not depending on the ISP. It is important to note that you should always use encryption to get around ISP throttling and a VPN is just what gets you around ISP throttling. Failure to do so will result in being sued by MPAA.

bandwidth cap

Perform an Antivirus Scan

Viruses are a big reason why Internet connections run slowly. These are small software applications that do several undesirable things to your PC. The most dangerous of these is how many viruses work to "send" information back to the hacker who created the virus.

This uses your Internet connection and can take up a lot of bandwidth, making it run slower. To ensure your computer is free from any viruses or spyware, you should download an anti-virus tool and use it to scan your system. There are plenty of useful free tools out there.

However, do not download just about any software that’s available online, try and settle for software with high ratings and positive reviews.


Use Wireless LAN

LAN is a type of data communication network which is limited in geographic scope. The Internet is fast and will enable you to share your Windows computers with any Wi-Fi-enabled device.

With this setting, you don't necessarily require any technical skills since it is user-friendly, allowing you to share your connection with just a click of a button. Furthermore, you don't need any extra equipment or cords. With this Wi-Fi, you can have a secure, fast internet connection in no time.


Configure Your Router

By heading over to your router’s settings, you can discover numerous points that can be improved for optimal internet speeds. Since each router has a different dashboard, you should review your router’s settings before making any changes.

admin panel


The personal computer, when it is new, does not contain any unwanted information or unwanted files. The system is neat, and it performs unobstructed to accomplish all computing necessities. After using it for a few months, this situation changes completely.

You begin to start experiencing troubles that slow the speed of your computer; the screen of the computer freezes regularly while you are operating the PC. If this little test does not affect browsing speed, then the Internet and wireless system in your home or office is not the culprit.

And at that point, you will need to get your Internet Service Provider to help you. Check the best way to do this. Sometimes live chat can be faster with service reps than a phone.