How to watch Peacock TV in Norway in 2023 [March]

Peacock TV was just launched a few years ago. Despite its short run so far, it has amassed a huge reputation and millions of users. On Peacock, you can watch over 15,000 hours of premium content that includes all of your favorite TV shows and movies, news, talk shows, originals, sports and much more. The only problem is that Peacock TV is only available in the US. If you live in Norway, you will be unable to access it due to regional limitations unless you connect to a premium streaming VPN such as PureVPN.

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Why is Peacock TV blocked in Norway?

Peacock TV Blocked

Peacock is an American streaming service that bundles live sports, movies, TV shows, and on-demand entertainment on a single platform. And just like any other regional streaming service, HBO Max or Hulu, Peacock TV doesn’t allow anyone to access the service outside the US, even if you are an existing subscriber. That’s a bummer.

Moreover, Peacock TV uses IP-detection technology to check whether or not you are logging in from the US or any other region. However, you can always use a VPN to watch Peacock TV in Poland. All you have to do is sign up for a VPN and connect to a US server to watch Peacock shows and movies fast and efficiently.

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How to access Peacock TV in Norway

Peacock TV remains accessible in the US only, for now. However, it does have plans to expand its service to other countries in the future. Since there is no official date for an international rollout for Peacock TV, people around the world are looking for ways to access the streaming service. If you want to access Peacock TV in Norway, just follow the instructions below.

Peacock VPN


to a PureVPN plan of your choice

Peacock VPN


PureVPN app for your device

Peacock VPN


to a US server and start streaming

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Can a VPN unlock Peacock TV in Norway?

Not all VPNs work! When choosing a VPN to access Peacock TV in Norway, make sure you understand the features that are offered by the VPN service.

There are many free VPNs available in the market. Each claim to give you unlimited access to anything online. In reality, these VPNs are not only futile, but also extremely dangerous to your digital wellbeing and online safety. As a rule of thumb, never get a free VPN.

When you choose a VPN, be sure to get a premium VPN only. Unlike free VPN services, premium VPNs don’t mine your personal data for selling it to third-party advertisers and trackers. A premium VPN is one that can provide you with foolproof online security and also allow access to region specific content by masking your identity. With a premium VPN, you will never have to compromise on your streaming speeds or online safety.

Peacock TV available

Stream Peacock TV on any device with PureVPN

With PureVPN, you can access Peacock TV from Norway, or anywhere in the world, on any device that you own. PureVPN offers dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, many many other platforms and devices. Download the PureVPN app on any device, connect to a server in the US and start streaming Peacock TV without any hindrance.

Peacock VPN

What to watch on Peacock TV

Peacock VPN

News and talk shows

With shows like the Late Night Show With Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, you’ll have access to some of the best talk show hosts and sets. Furthermore, the Today Show on NBC has been one of the most popular morning shows on American television. It has now started streaming on Peacock TV ever since the 2020 Presidential Elections in a move to appeal to even more viewers.

Peacock VPN

Peacock Originals

As mentioned earlier, since Peacock is a relatively new streaming service, it may not boast a plethora of originals compared to its primary competitors. But with movies like Boss Baby and Psych 2 in addition to Brave New World, the focus is more on quality than quantity.

Peacock VPN


Using a Peacock VPN from anywhere in the world is easy. You’ll always have easy access to sporting events and tournaments such as the UEFA, the Ryder Cup, and the Olympics no matter where you are in the world.

List of Peacock TV subscription plans

Peacock offers 3 plans that include two paid plans and one free plan. With the free plan, you can get access to all the popular TV shows and movies without any limitations.

  • The basic plan is for $5 per month and includes access to the live stream of Peacock TV as well as a library of on-demand content.
  • The premium plan is for $10 per month and includes all of the basic plan’s features and access to exclusive content and live streams from NBC, USA Network, Bravo, and more.
  • There are also family plans available for $15 per month, including support for up to 5 users.
Peacock VPN

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Peacock TV and VPNs:

Can you watch Peacock TV in Norway for free?

Peacock TV is a premium web TV service which does offer a free plan too, but it is only available in the US. If you live in Norway, you will need a premium streaming VPN that can allow you to bypass regional limitations and access Peacock TV without any problem.

Is The Office available on Peacock TV in Norway?

One of the most popular TV shows in the comedy genre, The Office, is available for streaming on Peacock TV. If you live in the US, you can access Peacock TV right away and watch all 9 seasons of The Office. However, if you live in Norway, you will need to change your virtual location to the US by connecting to a premium VPN such as PureVPN.