How to Watch Hulu in Ireland?

Hulu is a US-restricted video-on-demand streaming service that offers quality content, best suited for the American audience’s taste. Here’s how you can watch in Ireland using PureVPN for just $0.99

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How to Access & Stream Hulu in Ireland

Hulu has notoriously blocked many VPN services to date and continues to do so. It does so by detecting and blocking recurrent IP addresses. With PureVPN, you get access to hundreds of thousands of American IP addresses, so the chances of you ever getting blocked are non-existent.

Watch hulu in ireland

Here is how you can watch Hulu in Ireland in 4 simple steps:

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TV Shows and Movies on Hulu

tv shows and movies on hulu

What Hulu lacks is quantity, and it very well makes up in the quality department. From exclusive TV shows such as Seinfield and South Park that are almost a cultural heritage too many cable-only shows such Rick and Morty and Fargo, one can simply never run out of great shows to stream. Hulu has quite a strong game on the movie front too with the likes of all-time classics such as Blood Diamond.

Type of Device does not matter

  • iPhone
  • Android Smartphone
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

While trying to access Hulu US using a PureVPN, the type of device does not matter. After all, PureVPN works on all the popular devices including iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and more.

PureVPN – The Best Hulu VPN in Ireland

PureVPN is one of the oldest contenders in the industry with a massive 2,000+ servers in 180+ locations. That’s almost double of what any VPN service offers. Out of these, 600+ are strategically placed in North America alone to ensure instant and unrestricted access to not only Hulu but other US-based streaming services as well from anywhere in the world. At a price that’s light on the wallet, you get to enjoy amazing streaming features such as unlimited bandwidth, split tunneling, and more. It offers native apps for all streaming devices, including smart TVs and gaming consoles, and keeps adding more to the list. On top of that, PureVPN also enjoys a great reputation among the security-conscious people for its nifty security and privacy features such as port forwarding, internet kill switch, P2P protection, etc.

Hulu Services, Prices and Packages

Hulu Services packages are very versatile. Every kind of user can find something to suit their needs. Regular as well as occasional users can avail packages according to their requirements. The packages are accordingly priced so that it's not heavy on the pockets.

Hulu Price HBO Cinemax STARZ Showtime
Basic (With Ads) $5.99/month $20.98/month $15.98/month $14.98/month $16.98/month
Premium (No Ads) $11.99/month $26.98/month $21.98/month $20.98/month $22.98/month
Hulu + Live TV $44.99/month $59.98/month $54.98/month $53.98/month $55.98/month

Best Shows on Hulu

watch the terror online

The Terror

If you like watching TV shows or movies that are based on real events, then you would love to stream The Terror. Unlike most other horror TV shows, that are usually full of jump scares accompanied by dramatic, scary music, The Terror goes very slow. It builds up the tension in a slow manner and performs a beautiful job is shocking the audience in the end.

The story revolves around two naval expeditions that are sent to understand the feasibility of a new route. While en-route to the Northwest Passage, they are attacked by a wild beast. Desperate measures are then taken by the captains of both the ships for survival, which causes chaos and hopelessness among the crew.

watch handmaids tale online

Handmaids Tale

America has fallen. The country has said farewell to democracy and is now home to the dystopian era. The country is now named Gilead. And it is fighting the epidemic of infertility in a very twisted fashion. A new kind of religion has been created where fertile women are rounded up and charged with baseless crimes. As punishment, they are assigned to each of the leaders who try to impregnate them.

It’s a fictional story that revolves around a twisted Orwellian society. And yet, it is so relatable with the things that are happening around us in modern times. This TV show is one of Hulu’s most popular and is definitely worth watching. The Handmaid’s Tale has 3 seasons, with talks going of a fourth sequel coming soon.

watch killiing eve online

Killing Eve

Killing Eve revolves around two women. One is an extremely skilled serial killer who is also a psychopath. The other woman is an investigation detective. And for some reason, these women are obsessed with each other. Whenever the serial killer attacks a new victim, it makes sure to pass a hint about it to the detective, who then tries very hard to get her behind bars somehow.

It’s not your usual cat and mouse story. This movie is sure to enter your head and provoke a sense of fear and suspense, as well as a pinch of anxiety in you. Killing Eve has two seasons available to stream, with another one expected to come out in mid-2020.

Final Word

Those who enjoy streaming online prefer having the freedom to access their favorite channels from anywhere. There are hundreds of streaming channels that anyone can enjoy. These include Netflix US, Hulu, and HBO Now. However, these channels are not available in ireland.

The next time you’re traveling out of the US for a while or simply relocating and don’t want to miss out on your favorite Hulu content back home, use PureVPN and access it as if you never left.

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