How to Get Hulu in the Netherlands

To access the Hulu library in the Netherlands, you will need to change your current IP address to a US based IP.

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Get hulu in netherlands

How to Watch Hulu in the Netherlands

The easiest way is with a VPN. With a VPN, you can replace the ISP-assigned IP address on your device with an IP assigned by the VPN. IP spoofing is the only way to avoid the regional limitations enforced by the streaming services. Your IP allows the services monitor to detect your location and thus, block your access to the service.

Watch hulu in netherland

Just consider the following steps, and you’ll access Hulu in no time:

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Hulu is Blocked in the Netherlands

Hulu is only available to a US based audience. . Anyone trying to access the network from outside of the US will get blocked as soon as they click the play icon. Content blocks are normal in the online streaming industry. In fact, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also have content restrictions.

However, broadcasters impose these content restrictions on streaming services. There are many reasons why this could occur. For instance, some shows may offend the cultural or religious sentiments of users in other regions, so content producers restrict the content. To the content publishers and streaming services, this is the safe choice. . But savvy-streamers chafe at these limitations.

Access Hulu in Netherlands

Watch HULU TV Shows and Movies with VPN

tv shows and movies on hulu

Hulu has to offer thousands of popular TV shows and movies. The ever-extending list of the top streaming service may include the classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Seinfeld and even the current hits like Killing Eve, The Handmaid’s Tale or the Castle Rock.

Access Hulu in the Netherlands on Any of Your Preferred Devices

  • iPhone
  • Android Smartphone
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

Can't find the device you own in the list above? PureVPN supports dozens of other devices and is very easy to set up.

PureVPN for Hulu

Available in three different plans for the convenience of VPN users across the globe, PureVPN is the leading and the fastest VPN service. With this VPN on your device, you can do more than accessing Hulu in your country and enjoying seamless streaming.

PureVPN is proud to feature 6500+ VPN servers across 140 countries, covering 180+ locations. Wide network coverage means accessibility to international content and services that may be behind firewalls and IP blocks. It further suggests a high volume of anonymous IP addresses that ultimately ensure better online privacy.

Apart from an extensive VPN network, PureVPN also boasts dedicated servers such as for streaming, security, VoIP, and more. A dedicated server for streaming means you are guaranteed to experience top speeds throughout the day.

Plus, the privacy-centric features and functionalities of the VPN assure you that your IP is protected against leaks and you continuously get fast streaming speeds.

Hulu Services, Prices and Packages

Every streamer has a different need. Some users want to use a service for a short time while others are committed for extended plans. Likewise, some streamers are satisfied with the basic features, while savvy-streamers don’t want to compromise on features even if they have to pay a hefty cost. Hulu has plans that cater to every streamer. For instance, you can go with the Basic feature that offers complete access to Hulu’s library, or you can opt for an upgraded plan that offers additional goodies like live online TV channels.

Hulu Price HBO Cinemax STARZ Showtime
Basic (With Ads) $5.99/month $20.98/month $15.98/month $14.98/month $16.98/month
Premium (No Ads) $11.99/month $26.98/month $21.98/month $20.98/month $22.98/month
Hulu + Live TV $44.99/month $59.98/month $54.98/month $53.98/month $55.98/month

Best TV Shows on Hulu right now



The sad thing about most mini-series is that they are an absolute block-buster but last for only 1 season. Exactly such is the case of Catch-22, which was released on May 17, 2019. Rated 7.8 on IMDB, we think that it’s a must watch for all those streamers who like movies and TV shows based on the World Wars.

Based on the world-famous author, Joseph Heller’s novel, Catch-22 is a satirical story that is inspired from the events happening around the US Army and World War II. It follows the life story of Captain John Yossarian, who was a B-25 bombardier. He was considered an anti-hero by his own people, despite his achievements and sacrifices.



With six seasons already released and now gearing up for a seventh season, Black-ish has a unique style of combining comedy with real-life issues such as racism and discrimination against the black people. The story is about Andre 'Dre' Johnson, a middle class family man who is living in a neighborhood that is dominated by whites who consider themselves superior and entitled.

Andre 'Dre' Johnson is worried about his children. He thinks that his children are losing interest in the black culture and black values, something that black people should take pride in. instead they are getting more confused, and in turn getting bullied in the streets and at school.



This TV show explores sensitive and attention-requiring topics such as travelling back in time and memories to alter past causes and future effects. The show is about David Haller, a young man who has got special powers. Even though he was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was young, his differently abled mind allows him to do things that other humans cannot.

Legion is based on Marvel comics, which is one of the reason why this TV show has a huge global following. So far, the series has been renewed for three seasons. It is unclear if the show would be renewed for a fourth season. However, the three already released season are a complete treat for any binge-watcher.