Watch Hulu in South Africa

Can’t watch Hulu in South Africa? Then use this guide to learn how to access Hulu in South Africa by using a VPN. Use PureVPN starting at just $0.99 on your streaming devices to unlock Hulu.

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How to Watch Shows on Hulu in South Africa

Don’t you worry people! The dream of watching Hulu while being in South Africa comes to reality. PureVPN is here to help. When you set up PureVPN on your favorite device and connect to a South African server, you get a SA IP address which will ultimately let you access Hulu in SA. Follow the steps to know how to watch Hulu in South Africa.

Watch hulu in Finland

By following these steps below, you can access Hulu in South Africa:

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It’s impossible not to love Hulu. Isn’t it?

Despite the popularity of Netflix and other streaming services, Hulu is equally famous and offering the best TV shows and movies for its viewers, ranging over 26 million in count. Well-known shows like Shrill, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Handmaid’s Tale, and any other trending shows produced by famous entertainment giants like Disney, Fox Entertainment, and Times Warner keep the audience hooked to Hulu. This is the reason that not only in the US, but Hulu has its demand among international viewers as well.

How to Watch Hulu in South Africa?

TV Shows and Movies on Hulu

tv shows and movies on hulu

‘Hulu library is full of entertainment shows for every age and gender. Its extensive library contains horror shows, comedy, thrill, and action movies. Another great feature that Hulu offers is its live TV shows called ‘Originals’ that enable the viewers to watch their favorite TV shows the same day they are launched and aired on TV. All classic and modern shows are available on Hulu.

Hulu is blocked in South Africa

When you try to open Hulu in South Africa, you are welcomed with a message of service not being available in your country, and that breaks your heart. This is the only drawback of Hulu that people in United States can access Hulu. Although Hulu is planning to go global but it is something which is still in process. However, there is still hope for South Africans.

Access Hulu in South Africa

What Devices Hulu US is available on?

  • iPhone
  • Android Smartphone
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

The best part is PureVPN supports a good number of devices whether it be Windows, Mac, Android smartphones or TV, raspberry pie or any other device you have.

Hulu Services, Prices and Packages

As mentioned above, Hulu offers some pretty unique and impressive content to its viewers. Subscribing to the service gives you one-click access to all of its library. With Hulu, you can watch Live TV, HBO, Cinemax, and much more. You can check out the complete list of Hulu pricing options in the table below:

Hulu Price HBO Cinemax STARZ Showtime
Basic (With Ads) $5.99/month $20.98/month $15.98/month $14.98/month $16.98/month
Premium (No Ads) $11.99/month $26.98/month $21.98/month $20.98/month $22.98/month
Hulu + Live TV $44.99/month $59.98/month $54.98/month $53.98/month $55.98/month

Best TV Shows on Hulu right now

watch harlots online


Harlots is the best drama series on Hulu, which is set in 18th century London. The series is about a brothel owner who is starred by Samantha Morton as Margaret Wells. Her business runs well until a rival comes in as Lydia Quigley, a cruel woman who started a war over the most lucrative business in the 18th century, i.e. prostitution. Margaret puts everything at stake, even her family, to win the battle.

watch shrill online


Shrill is a comedy series starring Aidy Bryant as Annie. Annie is a young, overweight woman who is focused on changing her life regardless of any effort to change her body. Her life is torn between bad boyfriends, a perfectionist boss, and an ailing parent.

watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American sitcom featuring Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta. Jake is a young yet talented NYPD cop who sometimes comes in conflict with his new commanding officer Captain Raymond Holt who is serious and strict. The series consists of five seasons. After the fifth season, Fox's entertainment decided to cancel it.