Watch American Netflix in Iceland

Whether you are living or traveling to Iceland, Netflix US is not available elsewhere. Use PureVPN on your device to get American Netflix in Iceland hassle-free. PureVPN can help you watch American Netflix and prevent boredom at home ffor just $0.99.

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Get US Netflix in iceland

Updated January 26, 2021

Demand for Netflix in different regions

People love watching their favorite TV shows and movies online, which is why Netflix is so famous. The streaming giant hosts some of the best TV shows, movies, documentaries etc. Users love the outstanding streaming experience that Netflix gives.


Number of Netflix Titles per Country

Netflix US titles

Even though Netflix is available in more than 200 countries, not every title is available in each country. For example, there are certain titles that can be accessed by the Netflix users in US but not by users in Iceland. This kind of regional limitation affects more than 1000 Netflix titles which cannot be accessed from Iceland.

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Limited Netflix Content in Iceland

Not just Iceland but all over the world different regions are suffering from regional restriction due to which they can access to only limited content on Netflix. Out of all the reasons for this kind of restriction, one of the most common reasons is unethical regional censorship in which the distributors are allowed to upload certain content only while keeping the remaining content unavailable in certain regions. For example, The Walking Dead has aired eight seasons so far. In the US, you can watch all eight seasons, but in Iceland, you can watch only up till season 8.Since Netflix is operating in various regions, it also has to comply with all the different regional broadcast ethics and policies. To avoid any kind of fine or ban in any country, Netflix often restricts content that can be considered inappropriate or offensive in some regions.


Access of US Netflix in Iceland

Regardless of the regional restrictions, Iceland Netflix users can easily access US Netflix library. To do so, users must connect to a good streaming VPN such as PureVPN and change their virtual location to the US.

 Watch American Netflix in Iceland

Here is how to get American Netflix in Iceland in 8 quick steps:

  • Go to PureVPN and select from one of the three available subscribe plans
  • Add in your email address to get the process started
  • Once done, wait for the confirmation on your provided email address
  • Download and install the application on your chosen streaming device
  • Log in with the details provided in the confirmation email
  • Launch the PureVPN application and select an USA server location
  • Wait for the server to connect successfully
  • Once the server has connected, launch Netflix. The American library will now be available to you.
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Subscription of US Netflix on Personal Device

  • iPhone
  • Android Smartphone
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

There is a huge list of devices that are supported by PureVPN, Smart TV’s and Wii by LG and Samsung being the two most common ones. Just in case, if Iceland Netflix users cannot have either of these two then there is a huge list of devices available, one can check the list and choose accordingly for subscribing Netflix on it.

Access US Netflix library through PureVPN

Speed drop is one of the most issues in VPNs. Luckily, PureVPN doesn’t have this issue, and moreover it gives the best streaming experience one could ever have. It keeps the data uploaded at all times with no hassle in downloading. It has made the use of VPN stutter-free.

The trouble free downloading of Netflix is only possible because there are almost 2000 servers which are located in different regions all over the world so that it makes its performance up to the mark in all the regions which covers almost 180 cities.

Iceland Netflix users can easily enter the US Netflix library through PureVPN. Also, it secures the identity of Iceland users to keep them saved from any kind of ban or fine because of regional restriction for entering another region’s Netflix.

Cost Analysis of Netflix in Iceland

Usually Netflix offers three standard subscription plans but still the cost varies from country to country, there is a fine possibility that one country might be paying a lot more than the average cost of Netflix in comparison with another country. For example, Iceland has to pay a high cost for subscribing Netflix in their region, whereas Turkey has a very cheap subscription plan of Netflix available.

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Screen 1 2 4
Quality SD HD 4 HD, 1 Ultra HD
Price in Iceland(in USD) 8.86 13.29 17.72
Price in US (in USD) 7.99 10.99 13.99
Colombia Price (in USD) 4.91 7.23 9.55

Cheapest Netflix Subscription Available Online

Out of all the regions, Colombia has the lowest price offered for subscribing Netflix in their region. However, Netflix started with US but still the cost of Netflix in US is a bit overpriced

Therefore, to lower down the cost of Netflix in Iceland people should change their location to Colombia through PureVPN by connecting to Colombia’s server and enjoy the cheapest subscription rates.

What’s coming to Netflix US?

Netflix US has one of the most rapidly growing library for an endless supply of TV shows and movies. Every few days, dozens of new TV shows and movies become available on Netflix US. While not all of them are blockbusters, some of them are really amazing TV shows that are worth binge-watching.

Best TV Shows on Netflix US Blocked in Iceland

watch christopher robin in iceland

Christopher Robin

This movie is a heartwarming adventurous movie where the young boy who loves adventures went in the hundred acre wood with loveable stuffed animals but accidently lost his way back home. Now the movie shows that whether his childhood friends will venture into this hundred acre wood to help their playful friend or not.

watch parks and recreation in iceland

Parks and Recreation

This is an American show with almost seven series that is based on politics. This TV show was created by Greg Daniels and Micheal Schur. The series started to get aired on NBC back in 2009. The TV show is about the documentary that is following in the inner working of the parks and recreation department of Pawnee. Ind.

watch spiderman into the spiderverse in iceland

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider Man is an American computer animated movie based on superhero film. With the unique talent Phil Lord and Christopher Miller has bought a fresh version of a different spider man along with a groundbreaking visual style which is never seen before.

Final Word

Anyone who wants to have fast streaming with 100% uptime while watching the movies and TV shows online then Netflix is the ultimate solution to it. However, Iceland Netflix users are a bit dissatisfied because of the restricted content available on Netflix in their region. But for this PureVPN can be installed which can help in changing the location from Iceland to US so the restriction on the access of the content can be removed and the Iceland users can easily access entire content available on US Netflix library.

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