Watch American Netflix in Norway

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Get US Netflix in Norway

Updated January 26, 2021

Who Doesn't Love Netflix?

Netflix is still the most loved and cherished streaming service in the US and other countries despite other streaming services being launched in America. Netflix holds a total of 154 million subscribers on its name, which, by any means, is not a small figure. Besides being a producer and distributor to several films, Netflix also offers a variety of original content on its name. Netflix has several awards on its name, as well.


Number of Netflix Titles per Country

Netflix US titles

Netflix has a vast library of TV shows and movies. It is unfortunate that most of these great TV shows and movies which are extremely popular in the US, cannot be accessed by Netflix users in Norway. This is due to the regional limitatiosn an restrictions on most of these great titles which make them inaccessible in certain regions.

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Netflix US is Blocked in Norway

For each country that Netflix operates in, there are dedicated content libraries that are accessible by users from that particular country only. For instance, if you are in Norway, e3verytime you access Netflix, you will be automatically redirected to the Norwegian Netflix library. Content in this library is very limited as compared to what users in the US can access from the US Netflix content library. If you want to access US Netflix without paying anything additional to Netflix, and enjoy all the great and binge worth content that it has, get PureVPN. Read on to know how all of it works.

Access US Netflix in norway

Netflix US is Blocked in Norway

Every time you access Netflix from Norway, Netflix servers detect your IP address’s location and redirect you to your local Netflix content library. To access US Netflix in a safe way without compromising on your online safety and streaming speed is by changing your location via a premium streaming VPN. The best Premium streaming VPN is PureVPN that allows you to access US Netflix in just a few clicks. Here’s how you can do that.

 Watch American Netflix in norway

Here is how to get American Netflix in Iceland in 8 quick steps:

  • Go to PureVPN and select from one of the three available subscribe plans
  • Add in your email address to get the process started
  • Once done, wait for the confirmation on your provided email address
  • Download and install the application on your chosen streaming device
  • Log in with the details provided in the confirmation email
  • Launch the PureVPN application and select an USA server location
  • Wait for the server to connect successfully
  • Once the server has connected, launch Netflix. The American library will now be available to you.
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Watch Netflix in US on Any Device

  • iPhone
  • Android Smartphone
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

The best part of PureVPN is that it can be installed on any device such as Android mobile phones, Windows computer, and Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads.

The Best VPN for US Netflix in Norway

PureVPN is the best VPN that has been optimized for use in Norway with Netflix. Not only is it a great streaming tool, but also a complete online security solution that keeps you safe from all bans and restrictions related to streaming. When you connect to PureVPN, you can access content from all regionally restricted and limited services such as US Netflix.

With PureVPN connected on your streaming device, there are no issues such as speed drops, constant buffering, lagging, and ISP throttling. All of these issues are extremely annoying for streamers. They do not exist on PureVPN, which is why PureVPN is the top choice for millions of streamers around the world.

Netflix Services, Prices, and Packages

Netflix is suitable for global viewers in Norway because it offers not only great shows and movies but also provides impressive services, prices, and packages. The variety of packages with pocket-friendly prices make Netflix one of the most amazing and the most-watched streaming channel.

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Screen 1 2 4
Quality SD HD 4 HD, 1 Ultra HD
Price in Norway (in USD) 9.87 12.08 15.41
Price in US (in USD) 7.99 10.99 13.99
Colombia Price (in USD) 4.91 7.23 9.55

Cheapest Netflix Subscription Available Online

Netflix is suitable for global viewers in Norway because it offers not only great shows and movies but also provides impressive services, prices, and packages. The variety of packages with pocket-friendly prices make Netflix one of the most amazing and the most-watched streaming channel.

What’s coming to Netflix US?

Netflix US has one of the most rapidly growing library for an endless supply of TV shows and movies. Every few days, dozens of new TV shows and movies become available on Netflix US. While not all of them are blockbusters, some of them are really amazing TV shows that are worth binge-watching.

Best TV Shows on Netflix US Blocked in Norway

watch office in norway

The Office (US)

The Office is a comedy sitcom showing the daily office scenes of the employees working in a fictional company Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, situated in the Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was on aired from 2005 to 2013. It has nine seasons with 201 episodes. This sitcom has won several awards, including four Primetime Emmy Awards and one Outstanding Comedy Series.

watch Shadow in norway


Shadow depicts the times of China's Three Kingdom's era (AD 220-280). The story is about the kingdom ruled by an unpredictable king. The King's general devises a plan to win the battle against a rival kingdom using his secret weapon, a "shadow", which is a look-alike that cannot be recognized by his enemies and the King as well.

watch Mary Poppins Returns in norway

Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel to Mary Poppins (1964). The story is about Michael Banks, who is a grown man now with three children. Coping with the death of his wife, he learns that his house will be repossessed within five days by the bank if he is not able to find the missing certificate that proves his valuable shares left by his father. Mary Poppins, his childhood nanny, comes to their rescue and help the struggling family and take them on a magical, fun-filled adventure.

Final Word

If you are in Norway and you don't have PureVPN to watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, then definitely, you are missing out on something great. Being fast and the most secure VPN services are the main reasons that one should opt for PureVPN. The modern encryption techniques used by it make it secure and reliable because it keeps all the online activity private. By using PureVPN, you are mitigating cybersecurity risks as well. It offers excellent services and packages and can be set up using any of your preferred devices, be it a mobile or any Windows or Apple device.

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