How to Get American Netflix in Portugal?

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US Netflix Blocked in Portugal

Updated January 26, 2021

Who doesn’t Love Netflix?

In just a few years, Netflix has grown from a small DVD renting company to a streaming giant that now leads the global entertainment industry. Its popularity can be attributed to the almost infinite content library that the streaming service boasts.

Watch Netflix US in portugal

Number of Netflix Titles per Country

Netflix titles US portugal

Netflix has more than 13000 titles on its library. However, no country provides access to all of them. The highest number of titles are available only for US Netflix users. If you want to access everything there is on Netflix, PureVPN is your savior.

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Netflix US is blocked in Portugal

It may be impossible to enjoy all there is to watch on Netflix, but you may often run out of interesting movies and TV shows to binge. This is because of the regional limitations in Portugal which make a good chunk of the best titles unavailable in the region.

Many Netflix users are dissatisfied because they subscribe to the same Netflix plans, pay (almost) the same fee, yet do not get access to the same TV shows and movies. However, with a VPN which is optimized for accessing US Netflix from Portugal, you can gain instant access to all the block buster movies and binge worthy shows that are so far out of your reach.

Access US Netflix in Portugal

How to Watch US Netflix in Portugal?

Accessing US Netflix is quick and easy if you have PureVPN installed on your streaming device. PureVPN is the best Netflix VPN, and gives you instant access to the TV shows and movies unavailable in your region.

Not only that, PureVPN helps streamers in great ways by stabilizing their internet connecting and maintaining down speeds so that you can enjoy unlimited HD streaming without any buffering issues.

Access US Netflix in portugal

Here is how to get American Netflix in Portugal in 3 quick steps:

  • Head to PureVPN and choose one of the three available subscription plans
  • Add in your email address and wait for the confirmation
  • Once that is done, download and install the application on your preferred streaming device
  • Use the credentials provided to log in to PureVPN
  • Click on Popular Websites and select “Netflix US”
  • Wait for the app to connect to the best possible server
  • Once connected, launch Netflix. You will be automatically redirected to the US library
  • Select a show or a movie from the most extensive Netflix library and get streaming
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Watch Netflix US in Portugal on All Devices You Own

  • iPhone
  • Android Smartphone
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

There are so many other devices that PureVPN supports as well. The above mentioned devices are only the popular ones; here are all the devices that support PureVPN and allow you to access Netflix US from Portugal.

PureVPN – Best VPN for Netflix USA in Portugal

PureVPN is the best VPN which is optimized for streaming and ensures the best possible entertainment experience for its users. The VPN provider makes streaming a bliss by offering them more than 2000 VPN servers that utilize highly sophisticated mechanisms and provide for a seamless experience.

With PureVPN, you can easily access Netflix US from Portugal. Just download and install the VPN app on any of your streaming devices and log in with your username and password. After that, select US as your preferred location, hit connect, and access Netflix US.

Comparison of Netflix Pricing in Portugal

Due to the differences in currency value and inflation around the world, Netflix keeps adjusting its prices in all the regions. It is interesting to note that users in some countries often pay a lot more as compared to other countries. More so, if you were to subscribe to Netflix in a country where users are charged less, you will continue to enjoy low fee, even if you travel to another country or change your location via PureVPN.

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Screen 1 2 4
Quality SD HD 4 HD, 1 Ultra HD
US Price (in USD) 7.99 10.99 13.99
Portugal Price (in USD) 8.84 12.16 15.48
Colombia Price (in USD) 4.91 7.23 9.55

Cheapest Netflix Subscription Available Online

When one converts Euro into US Dollars, it becomes obvious that Netflix users in Portugal are actually paying higher unnecessarily. However, with a VPN that can allow you to change your virtual location, you can choose the same plan and pay the lowest possible Netflix subscription fee.

If you are looking for the cheapest Netflix subscription in Portugal, you need PureVPN. Once you connect to PureVPN, you can choose any location based on your preference. In this case, you will connect to any server based in Brazil, and then sign up for Netflix.

What’s coming to Netflix US?

Netflix US is one of the most rapidly increasing libraries. Fresh content is added to the American Netflix library almost every week. To keep a track of everything that has recently hit Netflix screens in US, and all that which is yet to come,

Final Word

PureVPN is the best VPN for streaming. There are no caps on bandwidth and you get a buffer-free experience every time you connect to our servers. The best part about PureVPN is that it makes you completely anonymous online, which means that you can remain safe from issues such as ISP throttling, IP bans, and slow streaming due to IP blacklisting.

In today’s times when hacks and cyber-attacks are becoming too common, it is extremely important to protect your online identity and take all the safety measures you can to keep your data and devices safe. PureVPN is by far the best choice of thousands of streamers around the world who use it to watch US Netflix from other countries.

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