Current Openings

Take a look at where your talents and expectations fit at PureVPN


Head of Marketing PurePrivacy

We are looking for a leader with Entrepreneurial spirit who can help us in our mission of “To be the privacy shield for users against non-consensual profiling & targeting across the Internet”. More details

Assistant Manager Marketing

PureVPN’s s looking for an Assistant Marketing Manager who could monitor trends in the market and identify opportunities for growth and prevalent issues of the competitors. Incumbent will be resolving team management isses & calendar publishing as well. The responsible person will research and implement Growth opportunities to bring more traffic while also analyzing analytics and adjusting content to reach viewing targets. More details

Digital Marketer Executive- French

We’re looking for a person who is fluent in the French language. Apart from speaking and writing the language, the individual must be familiar with french digital platforms and have market knowledge. They must also closely monitor or be aware of social media trends related to France on channels like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. More details

Affiliate Marketing Manager

We are looking for an Affiliate Marketing Manager who is not only execution-oriented but has a data-driven approach to lead projects. The individual also needs to have extensive experience in Affiliate Marketing and should be able to strategize, manage an affiliate marketing team, and communicate with key partners on behalf of the company. More details

Head of Growth

We are looking for a growth expert who has hands-on experience in leading the entire Marketing function. The incumbent will be working with the brightest minds in Engineering, Security, Product, Customer Success, and Operations, and will be reporting directly to the CEO. More details

Performance Marketing Manager

We’re looking for a Performance Marketing Manager with experience in coordinating, overseeing and planning projects and campaigns to join our team. You will be required to collaborate with multiple teams across departments on a range of projects. Your role will include components of strategy, analytics, planning and communications. More details


Director Engineering

Are you a software engineering leader who builds software with scalable code and architecture that is robust, modular and future-proof? Do you prefer your work day to revolve around software architecture and technical solutioning as well as around people and processes? Are you adept at meeting business expectations without compromising on code quality? Do you want to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world? More details

Head of Engineering

We are looking for an experienced software development leader who can step in and lead the entire engineering team, including both and The incumbent will be working with the brightest minds in R&D, DevOps, InfoSec, InfraOps, and Product Management and will be reporting directly to the CEO. More details

Chief Technology Officer

We are looking for people that bring an energetic and creative approach to work, understand the burning Cyber Security and Privacy questions of today with a good vision on the future. The individual will be working with the brightest minds in Product Management, Globally Distributed Infrastructure, and Security and Privacy heads and will be reporting directly to the CEO. You will be leading the entire engineering team. More details

Senior Engineer- iOS

To build and implement functional programs, systems and new features with a cross-functional team of other developers, team leads, and operation team members throughout the software development life cycle. You should be a team player with a keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills. More details

Senior Android Engineer

PureVPN is looking for an Senior Android Engineer – Android who can assist us in end-to-end coordination and develop any assigned task or feature in our product.

The incumbent must have the basic knowledge of React, React Native, NodeJS and Golang. The Associate Architect Engineer – Android must have good collaboration skills and must have a thorough understanding of Design Patterns. More details

Software Engineer- PHP

PureVPN is in search of a Software Engineer (PHP) who thrives in a fast-paced and challenging environment while working on complex problems with a talented team— conceptualizing, developing, and implementing applications and features from scratch using the latest technologies. More details

DOT Net Developer

PureVPN is in search of a Senior .Net Developer. In this role, you will be responsible for end-to-end coordination and development of a feature in the assigned product including designing, building, testing and deploying business applications. You will also assist the Architect to reach sound conclusions with his platform-specific knowledge, and aid the Agile Manager implement Agile processes and follow the processes as well. More details


Head of Product

We are looking for a Head of Product who understands the concept of Product Led Growth coupled with the culture of Product Love, Customer Centricity, and Can-do spirit. We want someone who makes a difference between winning and losing in a highly competitive industry, especially the Cyber Security & Privacy industry. More details