Ways to get American Netflix in India?

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US Netflix Blocked in india

Updated January 26, 2021

Everyone loves watching Netflix?

Who wouldn’t love watching their favorite movies and TV shows online? Netflix is here to satisfy your streaming urges. Netflix has got all the latest movies, TV shows, stand- up comedy, and documentaries along with a separate section for kids. Netflix has bought entertainment experience to the next level for its users.

Watch Netflix US in India

Number of Netflix Titles per Country

Netflix titles US India

Even though there are different Netflix titles one can access in India, but other than this there are numerous fantastic TV shows and movies that cannot be accessed by Indian users. This is because of content restriction practices that limit users from other countries from accessing some Netflix regional content. Almost 1,000 Netflix titles are available in India. But Indian users can get more content through PureVPN. With a VPN, your virtual location can be changed to America, and via this, you can access the US Netflix library with ease.

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U.S. Netflix Content Restricted in India

Due to regional restrictions, every country has limited access to the U.S Netflix library which restricts the Indian Netflix users from having access to other remaining content, which is only accessible by US Netflix users.

The main reason regional differentiation on Netflix is due to copyrights and broadcasting agreements. Some movie makes only releases their projects in certain countries, due to which the publisher is bound to follow the terms of contract and cannot release the movie or show in every country.

Access US Netflix in india

Ways to Access US Netflix in India

If an Indian Netflix user logs in to Netflix, he is directly routed to Netflix India, which is a library that can only be accessed by Indians. Due to regional restrictions, the users in India cannot have access to the US Netflix library unless the location is changed.

Access US Netflix in india

Following are the steps to access the US Netflix library in India:

  • Subscribe and Install PureVPN.
  • Launch PureVPN, , go to Popular Websites and select US Netflix from there.
  • Now you can go to Netflix and log in. You will be directed to US Netflix library automatically.
  • Choose your favorite TV show and start watching.
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U.S Netflix on your own devices in India

  • iPhone
  • Android Smartphone
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Kodi
  • Android TV
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4

PureVPN supports an extensive range of operating systems as well as devices, including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and more.

Access US Netflix in India via PureVPN

Unlike different VPNs that can cause a speed drop, PureVPN offers the best streaming VPN that one can ever have. It gives stutter-free streaming and keeps the internet connection steady for a perfect streaming experience.

This amazing streaming performance of PureVPN is only possible through 2,000+ servers, which are highly optimized. PureVPN allows its users to access from different countries, and the servers are located across more than 180 locations.

PureVPN provides Indian Netflix users easy access to US Netflix library while keeping their identity hidden.

Price comparison of Netflix in India

The Netflix prices vary from region to region even though Netflix offers three pricing standard plans. In few countries the users end up paying a lot more than the average price of Netflix in comparison with the prices paid in other countries.

Plan Basic Standard Premium
Screen 1 2 4
Quality SD HD 4 HD, 1 Ultra HD
US Price (in USD) 7.99 10.99 13.99
India Price (in USD) 6.95 9.04 11.13
Colombia Price (in USD) 4.91 7.23 9.55

Lowest Price of US Netflix available online

Netflix is quite expensive in India as per the table above, regardless of what plan you choose. It is overpriced in comparison with the price offered to the Netflix users in US, but still Netflix in US is not very cheap. Out of all the regions, Turkey has the lowest pricing for Netflix.

To get the cheapest Netflix plan, one should connect through PureVPN using one of the servers in Turkey.

What’s coming to Netflix US?

Every month, Netflix adds dozens of new TV shows and movies on its platform. While the number of new movies added on the platform has reduced over the years, the streaming giant’s focus on TV shows has allowed it to increase its on-demand content by thousands of hours.

With so much new content making its way to the US Netflix library every month, it might be challenging to keep track of it all. To make life easy for you, we handpick the best titles and update them regularly on our blog.

Best US Netflix TV shows Unavailable in India

watch In the Dark on netflix

In the Dark

It is a murder mystery drama on Netflix that involves a drug addicted blind woman with her vices and her best friend who ends up murdered.

watch The Curse of Oak Island on netflix

The Curse of Oak Island

Rick and Marty are solving the 224-year-old treasure mystery in this season through determination, technologies, and resources. In the last season they were able to find out the sunken ship, which was buried in a triangle-shaped swamp. To find the ship and the treasure hidden beneath it, they sonic core drilling and strategic dives.

watch Cold Case Files on netflix

Cold Case Files

One of the successful and popular real-life crime drama show, Cold Case Files 2017 reopens and reevaluates the cases that date back to 1999. It gives a firsthand account of the case by the detectives and attempts to crack it.

Final Word

Indian Netflix may offer the locals a great number of native shows, but you can’t expect to feel satisfied with a handful of titles. Here, the US Netflix comes into picture which can be accessed by Indian users as well as other global users from anywhere in the world. All they need to have on their device is a fast VPN service such as PureVPN that offers them the speed and performance they expect for uninterrupted streaming experience.

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