What is a VoIP VPN, and Why Do You Need One?

VoiP services such as Viber and Skype are popular alternatives to conventional landlines, but they aren’t accessible from everywhere. With PureVPN, you can change your virtual location to a country where these apps are available and use them without any hurdles.

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The advent of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has not only made our lives easier but also more affordable. With the technology enabling users to get an internet phone service, those days of costly calls are long gone.

When it first emerged on the scene in the mid 1990’s, difficulties were faced in making and receiving calls. However, now that VoIP has advanced, it’s considerably easier to enjoy crystal clear calls with your friends, family, and colleagues. There are many popular VoIP services available nowadays, including Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts, and Vonage. But since VoIP is blocked or restricted in some countries in Asia and the Middle East. You’ll need to change your virtual location to gain access to these services. That’s exactly where a VoIP VPN can prove useful because it changes your IP address to any country you want. Moreover, you also need it to prevent the eavesdropping concerns that come with using VoIP services.

What is a VoIP VPN?

To put it simply, a VoIP VPN will create an encrypted tunnel through which all your VoIP traffic will pass. As a result, you’ll be able to get around firewall restrictions and securely make calls.

Moreover, it also hides your real IP address and assigning you a new one based on VPN server you choose. This makes you anonymous online and allows you to access VoIP services even if they are blocked in your region.

Where Are VoIP Services Blocked?

The following is a list of countries that have blocked most VoIP services:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • China
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • North Korea
  • Qatar
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Guyana
  • Oman
  • Libya
  • Paraguay
  • Mexico
  • Caribbean

Keep in mind that not all the countries on this list have blocked VoIP continuously. While some others block VoIP services only for a specific time period such as mass protest or political dissent.

Advantages of Using a VPN for VoIP

Now you exactly know what a VoIP VPN is, let’s take a look on the advantages you can get.

Better Deals

Indeed VoIP services allow you to make free international calls, but you should pay when calling on a landline or mobile numbers. These call rates can get a little pricey, depending on the location you’re calling from.

For instance, if you’re in the UK, a Skype subscription with 400 minutes is costly as much as £6.00 per month. reliable VoIP VPN

However, if you connect to a VPN server in the US, you’ll be able to avail a cheaper deal. Unlimited mobile and landline minutes at just $2.99 per month.

reliable VPN for VoIP

By using a VPN for VoIP, you can compare the prices of a VoIP provider through different countries so you can purchase from the cheapest location.

No Throttling

If you regularly make VoIP calls which last for multiple hours, there’s a good chance that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may throttle your bandwidth because you’ve used too much data. If that occurs, you will notice a significant reduction in voice quality.


Your ISP will claim they do that to “manage network traffic” or “reduce bandwidth congestion”, but it’s usually an attempt into convincing you to upgrade to a costlier data plan. With a voice over IP VPN preventing your ISP from seeing your traffic though, you can avert throttling as a whole.

Top-Notch Security

Did you know that your VoIP calls can be intercepted and spied on by anyone with the right know how and equipment? Even though VoIP services like Skype claim to be encrypted, there have been instances in the past of hackers exploiting flaws to eavesdrop on users.


Moreover, your VoIP traffic can also be monitored by ISPs, and the same can be said about restrictive governments. If you want to keep your VoIP conversations truly private, using a VPN for VoIP is your best bet as it will secure your entire Internet connection with military-grade encryption.

Total Freedom

The affordability and privacy (to a certain degree) of VoIP has not only made these services extremely popular around the world, but also led to some countries blocking them altogether. In certain countries, telcos push governments to block VoIP use so they can grow and protect their profits.

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In others, governments restrict access to VoIP services because they can be used to get around censorship laws or exchange politically confidential information. A voice over IP VPN will help you bypass these roadblocks, giving you freedom to use the VoIP services you want with peace of mind.

How to Unblock Online Gaming Voice Chat with a VPN for VoIP?

Online gaming continues to grow, with a number of games like League of Legends, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike ruling the hearts of many gamers. What’s common about these games is that they’re heavily team-oriented and support voice chat with teammates.

However, some governments even block in-game voice chat, ruining your overall gaming experience! By equipping yourself with a VoIP VPN, you can easily get around these blocks and communicate with your teammates in online games using voice chat. Simply choose a VPN server that’s located close to you and in a country where VoIP isn’t restricted or blocked. Then, go ahead and start the game you want to play while you’re connected – the team voice chat feature will now be unblocked!

How to Make Free Calls Using a VoIP VPN?

There are a lot of questions circulating on the Internet with regards to free VoIP calls using a Voice over IP VPN. Since the only form of revenue for most VoIP services is selling credits to call actual mobile and landline numbers, making free calls with a VoIP VPN aren’t possible.

That said, you can most definitely get cheaper calling rates with the help of a VPN for VoIP. Refer to the example discussed above (that is, if you haven’t already) to learn how to get the best possible rates on your favorite VoIP services!

Buying a VPN for VoIP? Here are 6 Things to Look For

The best VPN for VoIP can easily evade any restrictions or blocks on VoIP services. It also must provide a secure and anonymous connection, while ensuring superior call quality. When buying a VPN, look for the following:

1. Anti-Logging Policy

As with any other service provider, the traffic routed through your VPN service can also be logged. If a third party demands access to your data, your privacy could very well be exposed to strangers. Therefore, you should opt for a VPN with a strict anti-logging policy – if they are no logs, they can’t be shared!

2. Device Compatibility

These days, VoIP services can be used on both desktops and mobile devices. So, if you want to use a VPN while using VoIP, you have to run the VPN software/application on the same device through which you’re making your call. Luckily, most good VPN providers will offer easy-to-use clients for a wide variety of devices.

3. Connection Speed

A VPN will usually slower down your Internet connection to some degree due to the encryption process that takes place. However, the best VPNs have workarounds for this, so they can deliver the fastest speeds without compromising on your online security. This is a very important factor to ensure excellent call quality.

4. Privacy-Friendly Jurisdiction

If your VPN provider is located in a country with stringent logging regulations, they will have no other option but to keep records of your online activity and hand them over when a law enforcement agency requests access. To avoid this breach of privacy, always choose VPNs registered in countries with pro-privacy laws.

5. Server Distribution

Lag can make or break your VoIP experience and there are a number of factors that contribute towards it, such as the distance between you and the remote server you’re connected to. If a VPN service has a widely distributed server network, you’ll be able to pick a server that’s closer to you to cut lag down as much as possible.

6. Premium Features

The best VPN services come with an array of top-notch features (besides encryption) to enhance your privacy, security and anonymity on the Internet. For example, Internet Kill Switch is a must-have because it will automatically discontinue your VoIP traffic in the unforeseen event of a VPN connection drop.

PureVPN – The Best VPN for VoIP!

If you’re looking for the best VPN for VoIP, then look no further than PureVPN. Not only do we follow a strict no-logs policy, but also we offer proprietary apps and software for all major platforms. Moreover, as we’re headquartered in Hong-Kong, there are no mandatory data retention laws that we have to adhere to.

Our 2,000+ VPN servers are self-optimized to provide you with lag-free VoIP calls, regardless of your location. We also offer a suite of features that take your VoIP experience to a whole new level, some of which include the revolutionary Ozone and Gravity, as well as Internet Kill Switch, WebRTC Leak Protection, among others.

How to Use a VoIP VPN?

Follow these simple steps to setup and use a VoIP VPN:

  • Get a PureVPN subscription that best suits your needs.
  • Download the PureVPN app or software.
  • Connect to a server location of your choice before making your call.

PureVPN will not only conceal your IP address but also secure all your VoIP traffic with end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption. So you can use VoIP services from anywhere, even countries where they have been restricted or blocked!

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Wrapping Things Up

Getting a reliable VoIP VPN like PureVPN is essential. If you want to conveniently access and use VoIP services without getting on anyone’s radar. Not only does it enhance the security and privacy of your voice calls, but also improves your call quality, and even enables you to get the best call rates.