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  • Arm yourself against cybercriminals
  • Unblock Astro, Tonton, and other streaming channels
  • Stay free from online spying
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Access the Internet Securely in Malaysia

PureVPN’s Malaysia VPN is designed to provide complete protection against cybercriminals. You are secure with our Malaysia VPN because your data or identity cannot be hacked by a hacker or a third- party thanks to the advanced security features of PureVPN.

Iron-clad Online Security

When you are connected to PureVPN’s Malaysia VPN, all your web traffic is secured with up to 256-bit encryption. This protects your information as it travels between your computers to our servers.

Avoid Online Spying

PureVPN protects your privacy and encrypts all your information to keep intruders far away. Stop your ISP and government agencies from spying on you with our best Malaysia VPN.

PureVPN has launched its Malaysia VPN service to make sure that your internet experience is never restricted because of online censorships and geo-restrictions. Explore the blocked corners of the internet with Malaysia VPN and unblock Astro, Tonton, and other streaming channels from anywhere and at any time.

Protection on Wi-Fi Hotspots

When travelling to Malaysia, use our best Malaysia VPN. With PureVPN’s Malaysia VPN, hackers on unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots can't access or decipher your data.

Avoid Data Retention Laws

Metadata is the personal identification of a user. Avoid data retention laws in Malaysia by simply hiding your original IP behind PureVPN’s Malaysia VPN. Feel no fear of government with our Malaysia VPN.

Hide your Digital Footprints

Every ISP is able to monitor what you do on the internet by making logs of your internet activity. With PureVPN’s Malaysia VPN, everything is masked and your ISP cannot monitor your internet activities.

Bypass Every Internet Restriction

PureVPN’s Malaysia VPN is optimized to allow you seamless access to restricted websites, including Astro, Tonton, and other streaming channels with 500+ Servers. It makes you invisible and allows you accessibility. Local and international geo-IP restrictions won’t ever stop you again!

Enjoy Unrestricted Access to Movie Streaming

Our Malaysia VPN offers full access to any genre of content on the internet. It gives our Malaysian users the freedom to stream content from geo-restricted websites like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Astro, Tonton, other streaming channels in Malaysia.

Connect With Your Loved Ones on Skype

In many countries of the world, VoIP services are restricted. Our Malaysia VPN helps users to connect to their loved ones via Skype, Viber and Whatsapp without any restriction from anywhere in the world. Share special moments with your loved ones via VoIP.

Unblock Any Website

Many internet service providers restrict or block various services including news sites, TV Streams, etc. Get our best Malaysia VPN and access all websites. Get the best Malaysia VPN today and break the barriers of geo-restrictions once and for all!

Protect Your Privacy With PureVPN

Signup for PureVPN to unblock websites and to protect your privacy with a hidden IP address and encrypted traffic.

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