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We’re shutting down our Armenia VPN servers. However, you can still use our VPN in Armenia and enjoy all features by using other servers.

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Armenia VPN

Get Armenian IP Address

Do you want to get an address in Armenia? PureVPN is the easiest solution. We own a growing network of 6,500+ secure servers in 78+ countries worldwide, with 12 of them placed in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

Our Armenia VPN servers are highly-optimized to guarantee a fast, secure, and private Internet experience. Furthermore, we don’t apply any bandwidth limitations so that users can stream and download as much as they like.

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ISP Monitoring Prevention

ISPs in Armenia keep tabs on your online activities either to throttle your bandwidth or to sell your personal data to advertising agencies. Equip yourself with our highly trusted Armenia VPN to mask your actual identity and encrypt all your data. In this way, your ISP won’t be able to tie your Internet traffic back to you.

Censorship Circumvention

Though Internet access in Armenia is mostly unrestricted, the government has not refrained from censoring content in times in times of political unrest. With PureVPN on your device, you can change your virtual location in just a few clicks and connect to the Internet from a censorship-free country.

Safe Public Wi-Fi Access

Don’t make the costly mistake of using public Wi-Fi without the security of a VPN. After all, these networks are unsecured and allow anyone to eavesdrop on your online activities. Fortunately, PureVPN applies AES 256-bit encryption to all your communications, allowing you to use free Wi-Fi hotspots with peace of mind.

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Top 3 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Armenia

VPN for Armenia

Is VPN Legal in Armenia?

Yes, definitely! The Armenian government is yet to pass any laws that ban the use of VPNs in the country.

How to Get an Armenian IP Address Using a VPN?

Just get a PureVPN account of your choice, download the app for your device, and connect to a VPN server in Armenia. Simple, right?

Why Choose a Paid VPN?

If you want the ultimate VPN experience, you’re better off opting for paid VPN such as PureVPN. Not only do you have thousands of servers and IP addresses to choose from, but also essential features like Internet Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection take your privacy and security to the next level.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee