The #1 VPN for Armenia

Our Armenian VPN service gives you access to 2,000+ servers and 300,000+ IPs, making you invulnerable to numerous online threats & country-specific content.

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VPN for Armenia

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Set up the best VPN in Armenia on multiple devices.

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Also compatible with consoles which include SmartTV, Kodi, Amazon fire, Chromecast, Routers, Computers and other Smart devices.

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The Best VPN for Armenia Eliminates Restrictions & Boosts Online Security

Evade Regional Limitations

Geographical restrictions are a bummer for not only streamers but also gamers and other users, because such limitation ruin their internet experience. Our Armenian VPN service exists to help users fight off restrictions and access their favorite games and streaming services from anywhere in the world.

Bolster Internet Security

Armenia ranks 111th out of 165 countries on the cybersecurity index. It is a clear and alarming indicator how exposed the region is to unsafe browsing, banking and other online threats. It is time to amplify your data security with military-grade encryption offered by our VPN for Armenia.

Mask Your Online Footprints

Censorships and lack of online security aren’t the only banes of today’s internet users. In fact, surveillance and data retention also plays a vital role in breaching the privacy of Internet users. Luckily, you can hide all your digital tracks efficiently with PureVPN that provides you with loads of anonymous IPs.

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Get Armenian IP Address

Having a VPN server in Armenia is a blessing as it allows you to explore the cyberspace without experiencing any compromise on speeds, while being utterly secured. You get to experience optimal speeds because of significantly lower latency and, not to mention, the high-end configuration of our Armenian VPN servers.
Best of all, we have servers not only in your region but also in hundreds of other regions in the world. With PureVPN, you have the ease of switching to any of our 2,000+ servers that are located in over 180+ locations, including VPN servers in Yerevan, Armenia.

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We Promise You!

Insanely Fast Speed

Our high-speed Armenian servers promise you buffer-free streaming as well as downloading.

Stealth Browsing

Hide your activities and communications from prying eyes for fully anonymous surfing.

No-Log Policy

Whatever you do on the Internet while using our VPN remains unlogged and unmonitored.

The Best VPN for Armenia for Optimal Online Protection & Accessibility

Armenia VPN

Join Optimized Servers

Enjoy seamless gaming, streaming, browsing, downloading and more with our optimized VPN servers.

Get Online Freedom

Get past censorship and experience absolute liberation on the Internet with our VPN for Armenia.

Enjoy IP Leak Protection

Our failsafe IP leak protection ensures that your connection remains completely hidden at all times.

Have Absolute Privacy

You are backed with our dynamic and privacy-oriented features and 300,000+ IPs for total anonymity.

Get Past Throttling

Join the fastest VPN servers on the plant that are geared towards best performance, speed and efficiency.

Get Unlimited Bandwidth

We don’t cap the bandwidth limit at all so that you can have the freedom to browse or stream to your heart’s content.

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Our Advanced Security Features

Our Armenian VPN service enhances your online privacy and security with the following features:

Unbeatable Encryption

We employ robust encryption algorithms to make it impossible for anyone to peek into your sensitive data.

Best Tunneling Protocols

Availability of multiple security protocols gives you the ability to use our VPN for Armenia the way you desire.

Internet Kill Switch

IKS is an automatic VPN killer that closes all your internet activities the moment the VPN connection drops.

Split Tunneling

Easily switch between a VPN and ISP with Split Tunneling that does the job with a quick click.

Wi-Fi Security

You can now be rest assured that all your browsing activities and your data will remain safe on any open network.

Unlimited Server Switching

Switch between a huge network of VPN servers and experience optimal latency, speed and performance.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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