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Netherlands VPN

Get Dutch IP Address

PureVPN is the simplest way to get a Dutch IP address. We own and maintain a substantial network of 6,000+ encrypted servers in 65+ countries, with 45 of them strategically placed across the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

Our VPN servers in the Netherlands are optimized to give you the fastest speeds when downloading, browsing, and streaming. There are no limitations on bandwidth either, regardless of the subscription plan you choose.

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Access to Dutch Content

Traveling or living abroad? Regional limitations will prevent you from accessing Dutch streaming channels such as Videoland, RTL, and NPO. With PureVPN, it’s easy to change your virtual location and watch the local content you are used to from anywhere.

ISP Throttling Prevention

If you are experiencing buffering while streaming your favorite TV shows, chances are that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth. Our Netherlands VPN service secures all your traffic with AES 256-bit encryption so that it’s impossible for your ISP to view what you’re doing or control your speeds or access.

Protection against Surveillance

The Netherlands is a part of the 14-Eyes Alliance. This means that the Dutch government is not only monitoring their citizens’ online activities but also making it accessible to foreign countries. PureVPN conceals your real identity and secures your traffic to protect you from this intrusive surveillance.

Top 5 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Netherlands

VPN for Netherlands

How do I Get a Dutch VPN?

It’s simple. Purchase a PureVPN account, choose your preferred payment method, and complete the checkout process. Now, all that’s left is to download the app.

How do I Get a Dutch IP Address with a VPN?

Just follow these easy steps. Subscribe to PureVPN, download the app for any device, and use your credentials to log in. Then, connect to a Netherlands VPN server, and you are all set!

Will a VPN Let Me Watch Dutch TV from Abroad?

You will need an American IP address, and this is where PureVPN comes into play. Download our VPN extension for Firefox or Chrome, go to Popular Websites, and select Netflix US from the list.

Is VPN Legal in the Netherlands?

Absolutely. Since the government doesn’t forbid VPNs, you shouldn’t face any legal issues using one in the country.

How do I Watch American Netflix in the Netherlands?

You won’t be able to access Dutch channels like Videoland outside the Netherlands. Using a VPN, you can get a Dutch IP address and trick these services into thinking you’re located in the Netherlands to watch your favorite Dutch content overseas.

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Our European Servers

Apart from the European Servers listed here, we also own over 6,000 VPN servers in more than 65+ countries and 80+ locations. Find the server location you wish to join and get a local IP address from anywhere.

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