Portugal VPN Service

Our Portuguese VPN service gives you the ease and accessibility to enjoy Portugal-only content such as TVI, RTP2 and more from outside the region.

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Portugal VPN

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Set up the best VPN in Portugal on multiple devices.

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Also compatible with consoles which include Smart TVs, Kodi, Amazon fire, Chromecast, routers, computers and other smart devices.

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Our VPN for Portugal Delivers a Dynamic Combo of Accessibility, Freedom & Security

Circumvent Location-Only Restrictions

Are you frequent user of SIC Noticias, M1, RTP1, and TVI services? Bad news for you is that these are location-locked services and, thus, can’t be accessed or watched outside Portugal. But, don’t lose heart! By connecting to our Portuguese VPN servers, you can easily access streaming services and online games from anywhere you want.

Enjoy Online Freedom Abroad

Portugal doesn’t bound you to unwanted censorship or anti-privacy /anti-freedom of expression laws. This is exactly what makes it a preferable choice for VPN users across the globe. By joining PureVPN, you can spoof your location with a Portuguese IP address and enjoy the same level of freedom as someone in Portugal enjoys. You can also choose between an IP and location of your choice from amongst 300,000+ IP addresses from 180+ locations.

Get High-Level of Security Translation Key

There’s hardly any region in the world that has zero-level of cybercrime activities. Truth be told, Portugal is amongst the top EU nations that are vulnerable to cyberattacks. So, if you live in Portugal or visiting the country for vacation, you would definitely need a VPN for Portugal. With PureVPN’s military-standard encryption, your data is 100% protected against growing cyberattacks in the country.

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Get A Portuguese IP Address

Portugal is among those nations where you’d hardly find any online censorship laws. This amazing aspect of the region compels VPN users to look for VPN servers in Portugal. This way, they can get a Portuguese IP address and enjoy the same level of independence and online liberty in their home country. Best of all, as an expat, you can also enjoy Portuguese content from abroad.
Apart from Portuguese VPN servers, we also provide access to 2,000 more secure servers that have been deployed in 180 locations. With such a massive server pool and VPN coverage, you are assured to enjoy seamless accessibility from any country on the planet.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Promise You!

Highest Speeds

You are assured to experience top browsing, streaming and downloading speeds 24/7 with PureVPN.

Stealth Surfing

Surf anonymously from any country in the world by joining the most secured servers of PureVPN.

No-Log Policy

Our no-long policy assures you that whatever you browse, stream or download via the app remains log-free.

The Ideal VPN servers in Portugal for Content Accessibility & Data Protection

VPN for Portugal

Join Best Servers

Join PureVPN and connect to our fastest VPN servers in Portugal to get crazy-fast speed and universal accessibility from anywhere.

Get Online Liberty

With online censorships out of your way, you can finally experience true freedom wherever you are.

Enjoy IP Leak Protection

When you join the best VPN for Portugal, you are guaranteed optimal level of IP leak protection at all times.

Browse Stealthily

With anonymity at the core of our VPN application, you can be rest assured that you enjoy completely stealth surfing.

Beat ISP Throttling

You can put an end to the notorious ISP throttling and speed up your Internet with PureVPN.

Get Unlimited Everything

With unlimited bandwidth, you are guaranteed unlimited surfing, file downloading, streaming and more.

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Our Advanced Security Features

Get the highest level of online protection and anonymity

Highest Encryption

You can finally put your concerns at ease when it comes to cybersecurity with our secure VPN.

Multiple Protocols

You can either select the protocols manually or let our VPN to pick the optimal protocol for you.


PureVPN keeps your connection and activities anonymous at all times even when there’s an unexpected disconnection.

Split Tunneling

Our amazing Split Tunneling feature allows you to save your time and go about with your non-VPN activities without turning off the VPN.

Wi-Fi Protection

Our application gives you the peace of mind you expect when connecting to public Wi-Fis when you’re away from home.

Server Switching

You have unrestricted rights to switch between any servers of your choice no matter how many times you want.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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