How to Remove “Windows Malware Detected” Popup?

If your web browser is constantly being redirected to sites that display “windows malware detected/hardware problem” notification, prompting you to contact your support agent to fix it, then there is a possibility that you have an adware virus on your computer system.

This warning malware detected alerts are always bogus because Microsoft doesn’t ask for financial information or fix your computer on unsolicited emails or phone calls, respectively. So make sure you don’t provide any highly sensitive information to these bogus email senders.

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How did these popups look like?

These false messages are displayed to you in such a way that it convinces you that your system is actually going to crash if not fixed on time. It only does this to scare users so that attackers can benefit from offered support services.

The scammer will try to enter any system through remote access. Once the scammer is in the system, it tries to instill confidence in users by installing windows utilities, portraying that it will fix the system, but on the back-end is stealing highly sensitive information without the user knowing anything. So it becomes imperative to remove pop up viruses on computer if the case is genuine.

How did potentially unwanted programs install on my computer?

These potentially unwanted programs are installed through email attachments, through certain sites containing malicious information that you can get redirected to. These programs can sometimes render your system useless due to increasing and irrelevant pop-ups appearing on your screen.

It becomes crucial to remove the popup virus warning notification. However, there are some utilities available for instance, windows malware removal tools like Malware bytes or Zemana that can destroy the virus almost instantly.

How to remove “Windows malware detected” adware

To stop popup ads from appearing on your screen some steps need to be undertaken to fix the problem. If the windows detected malware doesn’t allow you to shut your browser then you will have to terminate through the following steps.

  • Open the task manager by right-clicking the taskbar and then clicking task manager option
  • Once its open look for Google chrome icon
  • Right-click the Chrome icon and select “End task” and the browser will then shut successfully

When you open the browser again, do not allow it to open the last visited page since that will again lead back to Google malware and will have to repeat through the same process

Use Malwarebytes to remove the “Windows detected malware” error

  1. Download Malwarebytes from your browser
  2. After the download is completed launch the setup file
  3. You may be presented with user control access. If this happens to click on “Yes”
  4. You will now see the setup menu of Malwarebytes
  5. Click on “Agree and install”
  6. Keep following the prompts until your installation is completed
  7. Once installed, Malwarebytes will automatically run a PC scan and continually update the database.
  8. To start a system scan select “Scan Now”
  9. Once the scan is completed all viruses will move to the quarantine zone from which you can eliminate the virus from that section

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