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How to Open Ports for League of Legends Using Port Forwarding

League of Legends is super fun, whether you are playing on your own or online. But sometimes your connection with the game’s servers can be unreliable or unstable.

Sometimes this is caused by blocked ports. That means that your can improve your connection by enabling port forwarding for League of Legends. This is pretty easy to do, and in this guide I’ll show you how.

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Ports Needed To Run League of Legends

You’ll need to know which ports we are going to forward. Here are the ports that League of Legends uses:

Ports To Forward On PC – Windows

TCP: 2099, 5222-5223, 8088, 8393-8400
UDP: 5000-5500, 8088
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How to Enable League of Legends Port Forwarding

We’re going to forward these ports direct from your router. But before we can do that you’ll need to collect some extra information.

Before we begin, make sure you have a note of the following:

  • Your router’s IP address
  • The IP address of your PC or console
  • The ports for League of Legends. Those are in the list above

Now we’re going to forward the ports. First, we need to get to the router settings. To do that:

The process for forwarding a port is generally:

  • On your console or PC, open a web browsing window
  • In the address bar at the top, paste your router’s IP address and hit go
  • This will bring you to your router’s settings menu
  • Somewhere in this menu, you will see a port forwarding section, so have a look around
  • Once you find port forwarding, you’ll need to enter some details
  • Enter your router’s IP address into the box
  • And then copy your PC or console’s IP address into the other box
  • Then type in the ports for League of Legends
  • To finish up, you’ll need to restart your router to apply your new settings

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That saves you a lot of time you would otherwise have to spend messing about in your router’s settings. the time you could spend playing League of Legends.

Enjoy League of Legends with your friends by opening its ports.
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Benefits of Using PureVPN Port Forwarding Add-On

PureVPN’s port forwarding add-on also has some other advantages:

  • It will work on all your devices, so you can forward ports from your phone or tablet
  • P2P download speed is increased, so your torrents will arrive faster
  • It’s also compatible with CGNAT (Carrier Grade Network Address Translation), if you want to use it
  • Avoid CGNAT (Carrier-grade NAT)
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